Effective & Exceptional beauty from a source of hands-on experience

Effective & Exceptional beauty from a source of hands-on experience


wedding hair & makeup

Welcome to Denmark, the picturesque backdrop for your dream wedding!

Hair & Makeup Artist – Cosmetologist

Danish Hair and Makeup Artist

No need to worry about language barriers or unfamiliar surroundings

Wedding in Denmark

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding in Denmark! As you prepare for this unforgettable chapter of your love story, let us be your guiding light to an effortlessly stunning look. Our dedicated stylist is here to enhance your beauty, making sure you shine with confidence and grace as you exchange vows in this enchanting destination.


Expert styling for your perfect day

Enhance your bridal beauty

Hvorfor IZANEL Stylist

Welcome to Denmark, the picturesque backdrop for your dream wedding! As an experienced bridal stylist for over two decades, I am dedicated to making your special day truly extraordinary.

With a deep passion for transforming brides into stunning works of art, my expertise in hair and makeup ensures you will radiate elegance and beauty. I understand that your time is precious, and that’s why I specialize in delivering exceptional results without the need for multiple trial sessions.

My creativity knows no bounds, and I take pride in swiftly understanding your desires and turning them into reality. Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, and I am here to ensure you feel confident and enchanting every step of the way.

Being both a seasoned cosmetologist and a makeup aficionado, I possess a profound understanding of diverse skin types, ensuring your look is flawlessly tailored to perfection. From the soft glow of a natural bride to the bold allure of a glamorous look, I am adept at creating the ideal style that resonates with your unique beauty.

Your love story deserves nothing but the finest, and I am committed to crafting a hair and makeup experience that accentuates your natural charm and inner radiance. With my guidance, you will walk down the aisle with the confidence and grace that truly captures your essence.

Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together. Contact me today to start the enchanting transformation towards your perfect wedding look.

Warmest wishes

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I curate the team according to your wedding requirements and the number of individuals requiring styling

Wedding stylist in DK

The Wedding

Your wedding day and the visions you have for it are momentous. To accommodate this, our styling process takes just 2-2.5 hours with your dedicated stylist. With years of experience, I’ve refined the ability to bring your styling dreams to life efficiently.

Whether you prefer the convenience of our team coming to you or would like to visit my beauty salon, the choice is yours

Prices on Bridal Hair & Makeup and Bridesmaids

Brides Wedding Hair & Makeup

Your hair is styled according to your preferences and dreams, ensuring it remains resilient and holds up all day long. Our meticulous approach guarantees your hair can withstand any situation while staying impeccably beautiful. Additionally, our professional makeup application is designed to enhance your finest features and bring out your natural beauty.

Price in Euro 450,-
Driving Fee in Euro 75,-

Bridal Hair & Makeup + Glowing Skincare

In this bridal package, you receive both hair styling and makeup application. The added luxury in this package is the skincare treatment before the makeup. We ensure your skin is free from dead skin cells and incorporate luxurious products to rejuvenate it. When your skin is in optimal balance and refreshed, your makeup will also yield exceptional results and maintain its longevity..

Price in Euro 520,-
Driving fee in Euro 75,-


Your bridesmaids are an integral part of your wedding vision. As such, you have the option to book our services to style them, whether it's for hair, makeup, or both. My team and I are committed to delivering professional styling to ensure they look their best.

Prices in Euro
Hairstyling/Hairupdo price 200,-
Makeuo price 200,-
Both Hair & Makeup 250,-

Bridal Hairstyling or Bridal Makeup

If you, as a bride, prefer to avail only specific components of our services

Price in Euro
Hairstyling/Hairupdo 260,-
Makeup kr. 200,-
Driving Fee 75,-

Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s just the bride, we always allocate 3 hours, but the actual styling itself can vary between 2 to 3 hours.

The travel fee applies for transportation within Copenhagen and the entire Zealand region. We offer to drive throughout Denmark, and we can arrange further details regarding the travel cost for locations beyond this area.

We can accommodate the exact number you have, as our stylist customizes a team to suit your needs. This arrangement holds as long as our day is available.

After all these years in the field of hair and makeup, our motto is: Nothing is impossible.

It’s always recommended to schedule trial sessions for peace of mind. However, I understand that due to time constraints, it might not be feasible for you as you’re traveling to get married in Denmark. Therefore, we propose collaborating with you through email or an online call to discuss your desires and those of your bridesmaids. This will help us prepare thoroughly for your wedding day.

We encourage you to e-mail us images of your desired hair styling and makeup, along with a brief description of what attracts you to those images or what you’d prefer to avoid. Send them to info@izanel.dk
The more we know, the better equipped we are to fulfill your styling dreams.

To determine our starting time for hair and makeup, it’s essential to know when you need to be fully ready on the day. This includes factoring in one hour from the time we finish until you’re ready to put on your gown, shoes, accessories, etc., and travel to the city hall for the ceremony. If you have a different preference, please let us know, and we will adjust accordingly

Der er ting stylisten anbefaler man få klaret ind brylluppet, se vores liste med forslag der er med til at gør din styling og makeup ekstra lækkert. Listen sendes så snart bookingen er på plads. 

Ca. 1-2 mdr. før brylluppet anbefales prøvesessionerne gennemført. På dette tidspunkt har dit hår den længde man vil have på bryllupsdagen, og alle dele der skal bruges til håret har du sikkert også fået sendt hjem. 

At House of IZANEL, we specialize in pampering brides from head to toe. You can indulge in treatments such as foot and nail care, facial preparations, brow and lash services, and more. Explore all our offerings on our website.

IZANEL Copenhagen stylisten bruger makeup af mange Brands inkl. eget brand som er udviklet til alle hudtyper. 

Yes, absolutely. There are numerous ways to achieve this, and various solutions are available. It’s essential to have a conversation with us so we can discuss all your options thoroughly.

Let's create the perfect and unique look for you.

Welcome to Denmark for your wedding, celebrations, conferences, or anniversary! We’re here to craft the perfect look, setting the stage for your best moments.